KIPAYO is a legally registered future-oriented company that, with its engineering approach to industrial challenges and a strong sustainability note, provides a safe environment for interacting entities.

We, at KIPAYO, see ourselves as industry consultants offering innovative and unique solutions from a globally sourced range for pump applications with an uncompromising focus on reliability.

Through interaction with KIPAYO you can discover how we coordinate the optimization of pump performance across all industries and how, with our activity, we raise added value for both manufacturers and end users.

KIPAYO respectfully follow all the trends that INDUSTRY 4.0 and IIoT bring with it and we believe that we can play a significant role in the key adjustments at the global industrial level that inevitably await us: from establish of new business models, transition from equipment ownership to use of equipment, considering renewable energy sources and taking care of recycling all the way to the inevitable digitalization of industrial equipment that can also help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve natural resources.

Challenge us because only together we can reach a highly sustainable goal!