In most cases, the pumps and other equipment are tailored systems for specific use and it is generally not possible to find on the shelf in a store. After ordering begins a very complex and demanding and sometimes months-long delivery process that requires professional guidance. Any error or uncoordinated action in this process inevitably leads to an extension of the delivery period with possible accompanying additional costs.

When the official purchase order is sent to the supplier, then project management begins to coordinate all activities to reach pre-defined goals and deadlines. If the installation is part of the delivery, it is necessary to coordinate in advance the necessary teams of people who will perform this task. All connections and necessary infrastructure should be pre-configured and installed in a timely manner. The end customer’s professional staff should be directly connected to the supplier team managing the project to identify problems, ask questions, and submit change orders.

Prior to commissioning, the necessary spare parts should be procured and stored in order to minimize possible downtime. Finally, the training of the local team that will take care of the equipment in the future is of vital importance.

Coordination of all launch dates is especially important, as all support services must be available for immediate troubleshooting.

Due to the presented complexity, this process needs to be left to experts who can deal with all the challenges that this process brings with it.