Let your challenges initiate our best solutions on which we can ensure your and our long-term existence and building strong mutual trust.

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Together with KIPAYO we serve pumps, valves, and filters for the industry

There is no need to be part of a large corporation to have diversity available for the customer, KIPAYO offers a wide range of equipment and engineering services.


Speaking the same language starts with technical datasheets, these are guides to success and well-performing selections.

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Replacing equipment after failure needs to have a re-evaluation, where the as-build field data must be analyzed to ensure the best selection.

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Purchasing new equipment involves a team of specialists to avoid costly mistakes by ordering the wrong product.

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KIPAYO is the gate to wholesale, buying company direct, and also being able to ensure that there is no shortage on quality and warranty. Having two European repair centers with qualified technicians for inspections and service of all equipment from KIPAYO suppliers.

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With many years of experience in process technology, engineering, manufacturing, and sales in an international environment, we are offering our knowledge to you. We utilize state of the art programs for system calculations and pump selections.

We are ready to help you with our expertise such as;

  • Equipment Selection
  • Equipment Optimization
  • Solving Pumping Problems
  • Purchasing Assistance
  • Technical Inspections
  • Start-up Assistance