KIPAYO for your Team Building with the Team4Xtream program


K = Knowledge

Team individuals will acquire, share, and combine knowledge to adapt their skills in a most efficient way to strengthening the team

I = Improve

Identifying problems, setting smart goals, defining each team members’ role and encouraging friendship and collaboration can make teamwork easier and improve performance

P = Produce

Team activities will produce more motivated members, a more effective day to day performance, a sense of ownership, better end results, and ultimately, bigger profits

A = Appreciate

Teamwork appreciation messages are the messages that are sent to a team to appreciate them for their united piece of work and team success

Y = Yesable

To discover how teamwork becomes yesable and applied for improved performance

O = Opportunity

To have opportunity to accomplish something that feel is worthwhile, and to learn new things or develop new work skills


3 days of hard work and hard play = KIPAYO